The road from concept to creation

Hey there, I’m Lex! As a dedicated product designer, I thrive on crafting intuitive and immersive user experiences. I turn complex concepts into elegant, innovative solutions that captivate users and blend effortlessly into their lives.

Alejandro “Lex” Sánchez

Product Designer · Spain, Barcelona


Senior Product Designer

Gartner | Capterra · Sep. 2018 Today

Optimized SEM pages with data-backed A/B testing and user analysis, achieving significant traffic and revenue growth.

Lead Product Designer

Wavehouse [Startup - Side Project] · Dec. 2022 Jun. 2023

Led 3 designers crafting an intuitive internal dashboard to streamline real estate property and invoice management, enhancing user flows.


Ironhack | WeDesign · Sep. 2022 — Today

Co-created IronHack WeDesign Barcelona, hosting talks on the local UX/UI/Product Design landscape to support career transitions in the field.

UI Designer & Art Director

AIRE Ancient Baths · Sep. 2018 Oct. 2021

Streamlined the website booking process, increasing conversions, while also directing brand creative to enhance awareness.

Graphic Designer

Lewis & Carroll · Mar. 2014 Sep. 2018

Crafted unique branding for small/medium businesses: distinctive visuals, marketing assets, and close collaboration to align design with business objectives.


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Rapid Prototyping



Design Systems

AI Design Tools




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