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Lex Sánchez Torres

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Solving Problems With Refreshing Ideas

My goal is to become a facilitator between the problems that exist and the design, with the user at the center, in order to improve the visual part and the usability of programs, sites or software.

I’m so lucky to be stimulated and surrounded by people who are enthusiastic about what they do. So, move if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing. Put your energy into something you believe in. 

I’m always looking for new ways to improve my projects and myself. We’re “Projects in progress” who seek constant feedback in order to advance. 

Developing new ideas requires imagination and the ability to think beyond the box. That’s why I’m not frightened of making errors, since they teach me something and help me improve my creative process.

Treat others with the same respect that I would treat myself, because we’re all human beings with the same desires, goals, and everyday difficulties.

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Problems that become opportunities

As a user experience designer, I don’t look at problems as such, but take them as a challenge that gives me the opportunity to come up with a unique idea that leads to a solution that meets the user’s need.

What I do?

I’m a user-centered problem solver by improving the design and usability of websites, apps, or software.
So sit down with me, grab a good cup of coffee, and let’s clarify what’s working and what’s not in your project to find out where the problem lies. We’ll analyze the user profile that works with you; their entire customer journey and emotions, from start to finish. Then I’ll create screen designs that show developers how to create the exact new version that meets your and their needs.

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My Experience So Far

2021 – Today
Product Designer

Gartner Digital Markets

Responsible for discovering and defining a problem, and then empathically designing a solution.

2018 – 2021
UX/UI Designer & Art Director

AIRE Ancient Baths Group

Responsible for the visual style and images in social media, magazine and product packaging.

2014 – 2018
Graphic Designer

Lewis & Carroll - Social Media Company

Create visual concepts to communicate information of the clients in all the platforms that they use.

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Projects I've been working on

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Meet My Expert Partners

I currently work as a Product Designer for Gartner Digital Markets, but I’m also proud to say that I collaborate with the Bewebative team, composed of people who are experts in their field: front-end, back-end, design and branding.
Bewebative - Agencia Digital

Pablo C.

Art & Creative Director

Bewebative - Agencia Digital

Jonathan P.

Front-End | Back-End

Bewebative - Agencia Digital

Daniel P.

Front-End | Back-End

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Let's Talk With a
Cup of Coffee

It all starts with an email or a phone call… So don’t hesitate, contact me and let’s turn problems into an opportunity to create something great together.

Lex Sánchez Torres


Product Designer

I help users transforming their problems into a friendly and usable design.

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