Lex Sánchez

Product Designer · Spain, Barcelona

Creative product designer with a passion for immersive, intuitive design, constantly pushing innovation while optimizing for better conversion rates.





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Use Case: Capterra - Coming soon

Capterra Visual Design Overhaul

Web Design & Development

Use Case: AIRE Ancient Baths - Coming soon

AIRE Ancient Baths Redesign

Web Design & Development


Lise-Marie Le Masne
Lise-Marie Le MasneCMO & Co-Founder of MIMOKE
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Having Lex on your team is a pleasure. He's highly committed and excels at meeting deadlines, even with a high volume of diverse tasks. Whether it's design or managing suppliers, online or offline, Lex handles it all with ease and professionalism.
Beyond fulfilling the brief, he consistently contributes fresh and unique ideas that enable campaigns to achieve their goal: building brand and business. In summary, a valuable asset to the team!
Pablo Canet
Pablo CanetCEO of Bewebative
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Lex, the teammate you always want! Lex is an outstanding UI and problem-solving expert. I've worked with him on several projects, and his dedication, skills, and work ethic are top-notch. He stays focused on goals and always finds creative solutions. His clear communication makes him a natural leader, and his passion for learning is truly inspiring. Lex is an invaluable asset, and I highly recommend him. Any team would be lucky to have him!
Rubén Solà
Rubén SolàCEO & Founder Wavehouse Group
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Lex is incredibly talented at coming up with innovative concepts and leading teams to create exceptional visual solutions. His user-centered approach, leadership skills, and knack for project management make him a valuable asset. Plus, his effective communication boosts team productivity. Any design project would benefit from having Lex on board!
Helena Martinez
Helena MartinezResearcher of OCCARE
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Lex is always available and driven to improve! Working together at Lewis & Carroll for pharmaceutical clients, Lex consistently enhanced designs and proposed creative solutions, even with constant client demands and changes. As a colleague, he's a pleasure to work with. I’d gladly take on long hours and tight deadlines again if we were on the same team.
Ana Toronell
Ana ToronellMarketing Director of La Tisana
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Over the two years we've worked together, I've seen Lex's proactive and self-taught nature shine. Lex blends his art director experience with a deep understanding of user needs and behaviors, crafting perfect solutions for every client. Having Lex on your team means professionalism and timely delivery are guaranteed. He's a fantastic asset to any project!
Marina Carrión
Marina CarriónCMO Freelance
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I've had the fortune of working with Lex for 2.5 years, and it's been a great experience. I've had the pleasure of working with Lex for 2.5 years. In that time, I've come to know him as an outstanding professional who consistently delivers projects on time and meets all expectations. Lex is dependable, dedicated, and a true asset to any team.

Lastly, having Lex on the team guarantees camaraderie and a positive work environment.
Violeta Robla
Violeta RoblaProd. Designer of mendesaltaren
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I studied with Lex during the UX/UI Bootcamp at Ironhack and was lucky to work with him on projects. Lex played a crucial role in our team, effortlessly acting as a mediator. He's friendly, hardworking, and highly professional, always willing to help with empathy. Lex is also eager to learn and very self-taught. Without a doubt, I’d love to collaborate with him again!

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